Friday, February 7, 2020

Post Apocalyptic Terrain

My last post showcased a couple of Post Apocalyptic minis I recently acquired. Which made me realize I really need to enhance my collection of P.A. minis and terrain.  Not that I need much encouragement to buy more minis.  : )  
I placed an order with Acheson Creations, and wow I'm really impressed with the price and quality!
I will get these painted up and be ordering  more stuff from Acheson Creations very soon!
Also I have recently gotten the PDF for Zona Alfa
Zona Alfa is a tabletop skirmish game, very closely tied to the Stalkers video games! P.A. tabletop gaming in the ruins of Chernobyl! Cool!  I have also ordered the print version of the rules, since the PDF was so cool.  I have a buddy who is interested in trying out the rules with me, so hopefully more to come about this one! Plus any minis or terrain I use for Zona Alfa will work for any P.A. RPG play that I do, and vice versa.  My Old School Essentials game is going well, but it helps me to keep a game going if I am able to also work on things for other stuff. So while I am DMing a Fantasy OSE game, I am doing loose prep for a possible P.A. game down the road.  I hope you all have a great Friday/Weekend!
Good Gaming! -B.B. 


  1.! Is that a bomb shelter hatch?

    Saw the Old School Essentials on the shelf at local shop, and I heard it's selling really well. It looks nice...might have to check it out.

    1. OSE is great for an old grognard like me.
      It is a generator. : ) I do need a bomb shelter hatch now that you mention it!