Saturday, December 1, 2018

Loss of a Friend

I lost a friend yesterday. Someone I came to know through gaming and was happy to call a friend. One of the good guys. Always had the biggest smile. Would do anything for you. Super smart, talented and a heart of gold. I know they always say that about people after they are gone, but for him it was all true and more.  I didn't know how sad he was. Behind that smile, unknown to me he was hurting inside. Now he is gone, we won't roll gaming dice together anymore, won't brainstorm our next campaign, won't scramble for the last slice of pizza, and won't laugh at each other's corny jokes.  I miss you my friend. 
If you have that special friend in your life, check in on them today. Let them know you care and offer your support. God knows I'd give anything to be able to have my friend here with me today. If you are in that dark place and don't see a way out, please reach out to someone. You aren't alone, you've got friends. Just reach out to them. Please.