Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Gamma World!

I know others have posted about this, but I would be remiss if I didn't share the awesome news that my favorite edition of Gamma World is now available once again in print!
I've played and owned every edition of Gamma World, and this one, the 4th edition (No it is NOT 4E) hit that sweet spot for me. I believe this edition was even the first TSR product to test out Ascending AC (more or less). If I can talk my group into it, I will be digging out my Post Apocalyptic game notes and play some Gamma World! 
I still have my old tattered heavily played copy, but being able to get a new one is awesome news!
Thanks to Derek Holland for letting me know this was available again.
I started this blog way back posting about Mutant Future (still a great game), but Gamma World was my first RPG Love (yeah even over D&D). 
More to come!!!


  1. Oh, hot damn! This is also my favorite version of Gamma World.

    (Well, I guess if I want to be 110% honest, my favorite version of Gamma World is Mutant Future, but yeah...)

    I owned a copy of this at one point in my life, damned if I know whatever became of it... but I still have the detachable map from the middle of the book.

  2. Hey DMWieg! Thanks for the comment!
    I've ordered the print version, I'm anxious the see the quality of the scans in print.