Sunday, July 22, 2018

Gamma World, Gathox and Mutant Miniatures!

My recent Gamma World post got some great feedback, and got me thinking D&D is fun, but I need more mutants, guns and lasers in my life, uhmm I mean my games!
I see the Gamma Knights supplement is available in print now, over on DrivethruRPG, I didn't really use the Gamma Knights supplement that much in my Gamma World Campaigns, it has some rules for incorporating power armor into your games and also includes a boardgame option (which I never played). I am encouraged to see this in print however, in the hopes that eventually the entire Gamma World library will be made available again in print, many of my treasured Gamma World books are literally falling apart and look like they came straight from the apocalypse. 

In other news, while I haven't posted about minis in awhile, I love collecting and gaming with miniatures. Post Apocalyptic miniatures (especially weird mutants) can sometimes be a challenge to find, I recently spotted some cool 28mm miniatures over on the Badger Games site.  Some cyclopean gun toting warriors (Clopsen Troopers)
 These would be perfect for some mutant warriors or could be great to use at Kermen if you are playing Gathox Vertical Slum. In fact I can see using Gathox with Gamma World, a mobile giant slum slowly walking across the wastelands. Could make for a really fun and interesting location in your Post Apocalyptic Campaigns.
Oh and the Post Apocalyptic Rat Mutants are wicked cool! 
More Gamma World related posts will be coming soon! 

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