Saturday, August 6, 2016

Simian Saturday Minis & More!

Happy Simian Saturday everyone!
My internet was down last weekend, so I'm making up for the missed post by making this week's post more Simian Action Packed!!

I wanted to share that Simian Ultra X the range of bio engineered space apes and other mutants and creatures by Ganesha Games is now released at Alternative Armies!
You can get them HERE,

I going to definitely have to pick up some of these!

In other Simian Saturday News! I have heard that work continues to progress on the OSR RPG Apes Victorious! , no release date yet, but the project is still a go!

In other Simian RPG news, the talented Trey Causey has worked up  a ton of Simian related Awesomeness for 5E!
Apes of the Redwoods for 5e
Mutants of the Forbidden Zone for 5e 
Classic PotA's for 5E   WOW!!
Mark over on the Cross-Planes Drifter blog did up a slightly different version of the Intelligent Chimp from the newer movies for 5E 
I can't wait to use these in my games! GREAT JOB!!
I hope everyone has a great Simian Saturday, try to stay cool, it is already a hot one in the Southern Rad Zone today. 



  1. I love the firehose of simian goodness! That Apes Victorious game sounds awesome!

    1. Thanks Christian! I appreciate you "dropping" in and making a comment.

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  3. Yazarians! Wow, their range has a dralasite and vrusk too! Under different names.

    This makes my Star Frontiers fanboy heart very happy.

  4. Yeah...was going to comment that those look like SF yazarians. Where's the REAL ape minis? I'm going to need 'em when I finally roll out my Apes Victorious campaign!

    [must search internet now]

  5. All right...have you seen these over at Ainsty Castings?

    The "ape assault force" gives you 25 gorillas with firearms for about $60. That's a pretty awesome deal. But even the "smart apes" (3 chimps, 2 'tangs) is a pretty good bargain for $13.

    Sorry...unusual minis and POTA are two things that get me way fired up. Combine the two? Sheesh!
    : )

    1. No need to apologize! Thanks for the comments and the link! Good Stuff!

  6. I love Star Frontiers. Looking forward to Apes Victorious from GG. Just picked up Rabbits & Rangers.
    Blood Axe.
    Hi Brutorz Bill!