Friday, August 19, 2016

Rabbits & Rangers

I just picked up (well downloaded actually) the Rabbits & Rangers supplement for the Labyrinth Lord RPG.  Just did an initial scan of it and I love it! It includes 50 cartoon animal races to use as player races in your Labyrinth Lord games.  Oh don't let the "Cartoon" part throw you off, while the supplement is set up to allow you to play Wascally Wabbits, you can use the animal races straight.  You can get it HERE.  I hope a print version is planned!  I've long been a fan of the Labyrinth Lord RPG and this is an awesome and fun resource for it, whether you want to play it straight or cartoon-style.
Here is the blurb about the product," Rabbits & Rangers is a supplement written for Labyrinth Lord describing 50 cartoon animal races and various rules tweaks that let you get a slightly more cartoony vibe out of your game. Fully illustrated, this book also contains new spells, monsters, and magic items. I mean, who couldn't use a Ring of Ahkme that will let you mail order any device required to achieve your genius goals?"
Good Gaming- B.


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  2. Hey Bruton Bill! Blood axe here. This is great. In print now. I just ordered mine.

  3. Hey Blood Axe! Did you get your print copy? Have you used it yet in your games? Would love to hear about it!