Tuesday, September 22, 2015

White Star Week Continues : Need some more Aliens?

As I continue to read my copy of the White Star RPG, I'm getting all kinds of exciting campaign ideas. Graduate school and work have kind of killed my blogging and my gaming for that matter, but White Star has really gotten me excited about gaming again.  One thing I would like to see for the game is more aliens!  I've always been  a Mos Eisley Cantina Aliens kinda GM.  I recently acquired a great addition for White Star that you may want to check out!
For only a $1.00 you can get a great little pdf that has some very well done alien creation rules for your White Star Campaigns.  If you like White Star then you need to pick up Hyperspace Messenger #3 by DWD Studios!  It does follow the races as class concept that White Star goes with so if that isn't your think you may have some quibbles with this product, but I love it and have been happily working up new aliens for my upcoming game.  I'll post one of my favorites from Defiance Season #3 shortly. 

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