Wednesday, September 23, 2015

White Star Wednesday: The Omoc

Here's a conversion of one of my favorite races from Defiance done up for the White Star RPG, I changed the spelling of the name slightly but you know who they are.  Anyways, I hope you like them, I worked these up using the Hyperspace Messenger #3 Aliens supplement.

The Omoc  are purple-skinned, lean muscular  humanoid alien race, with stark white hair and long eyebrows, although most males are bald. They can open their jaws extra wide and a second set of teeth will emerge out of their mouths to aid in eating and combat.
The Omoc are a race in decline, in the past they preyed upon other races, raiding other worlds for slaves, servants and food.  However, their world was destroyed when their sun went nova.  Other races with a millennia's worth of grudges secretly sabotaged Omoc ark-ships designed to save their race from destruction.  Few of the Omoc survived this betrayal, now a fragment of what they once were, the Omoc are lost and scattered across the galaxy searching for a new world to call home but wanted by none, hated by many, and feared by all. Omoc have made remarkable advances with stun weaponry and advanced drone technology.
Weapon & Armor Restrictions: Omoc prefer to fight with their bare hands and fangs, although they are proficient with Stun-staff, Daggers and Mono-Daggers.  Omoc wear light armor and refuse to use shields.
Saving Throws: Omoc are a hardy race and have amazing saving throws.  They have a +2 to save vs. death and poison.
Senses: Omoc have a keen sense of smell, granting them a +1 on any checks related to smell. Can identify people and track by their scent alone.
Cut Resistance: Omoc take half damage from knives, swords, axes, and other modes of attack which specifically cut or slash.
Carnivore Jaws: Omoc can open their jaw extra wide and a second set of carnivorous fangs will emerge (1d6 damage)
Combat Monster: Extra attacks per round equal to level which may only be used against foes of 1 HD or fewer
Cause Fear or Hesitation: With a fearsome glare an Omoc can cause  victims in melee range be -2 To-Hit unless they pass a Saving Throw, 1/day.
Strong & Hardy: Omoc are a physically strong and hardy race; gain +1 to strength and constitution scores.
Arrogant: Omoc tend to view other alien races as playthings and food, this colors how they interact with other races; -1 to charisma scores.

Level   XP         HD    BHB    ST
1            0          1      +0       12
2          2,500     2      +1       11
3          5,000     3     +2        10
4        10,000     4     +2         9
5        20,000     5     +3         8
6        40,000     6     +4         7
7        80,000     7    +4          6
Special: If the heart of an Omoc Patriarch (7th Level)  is devoured by another Omoc, that Omoc may gain a bonus level beyond the normal racial level limits for their race. 

Based upon the Omec race from the Defiance T.V. series.  No copyright infringement is intended.

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