Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Flesh Weavers

I haven't talked about The Mutant Epoch RPG in awhile, hoping to get a campaign of it off the ground at some point when scheduling permits.  I recently (as in yesterday) picked up the latest release for this awesome P.A. RPG.  An adventure for third rank (level) characters called The Flesh Weavers. Check out the amazing cover artwork!
You can learn more about it HERE
I haven't had time to read it from cover to cover yet, but it has great art and looks like a fun and twisted adventure, definitely seems to have some horror elements to it, as you can see from the expressions on the faces of the excavator team on the cover above. 
If you like The Mutant Epoch RPG, I encourage you to pick this one up. 
Good Gaming -B.


  1. I love that cover. They look like they are about to have a really bad time with those monsters.

  2. I hope to get my review filmed this weekend. At the moment my system is in the shop. :/ Using my old XP laptop right now.