Sunday, July 12, 2015

Post Apocalyptic RPG Stuff!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  It's extra hot in the Southern Rad Zone today.  The nearby Pure Strain Human radio tower is sending out heat advisory warnings today.  Sissy humans, can't take the heat.
This entry is kind of a catch all for various Post Apocalyptic RPG stuff.
I continue to read over my copy of The Flesh Weavers for The Mutant Epoch RPG, its is a fun adventure, I especially love the pregens in the back complete with illustrations. Outland Arts has a  ton of great Freebies/Pay what you want for The Mutant Epoch RPG over on RPGNow.  Check 'em out!

If Pathfinder is more your game, I just found where Fall of Man has been released, this one caught me by surprise, I remember it was in an unsuccessful kickstarter last year, but seems they have moved forward with releasing it.  I don't know much else about it, so I'd be curious to hear what people think about it. It seems to mix sorcery and science..or is that super science and sorcery?  LOL
 I'm still hoping Warlords of the Apocalypse sees the light of day, Owen K. Stephens responded to a recent email of mine and indicated he still plans on releasing it.  : )

If Mutant Future is more your game, The Knotty-Works have released quite a few resources for Mutant Future including  free Mutant Lord Screen Inserts

Skirmisher Publishing also has a ton of Mutant Future stuff for your Mutant Future Campaigns, their Wisdom of the Wastelands series is up to issue #50 and is a very affordable way to expand your Apocalypse!

Guess I'll wrap this up for now! Stay cool and Good Gaming! -B

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