Sunday, June 21, 2015

White Star

Hey folks!
It's been awhile but I'm still around.  I've played a bit of Pathfinder and some 5E.  Mostly I've just been working and been going to school.  I do post a "bit" more over on Google+, blogging has just taken a distant backseat in my life. 
I've been thinking about running some Sci Fi this summer, if I can work it into my schedule.
In particular I've had my eye on the White Star RPG.

This is a rules-lite (based upon S&W White Box) Sci Fi game that really looks like a ton of fun!
With all the new summer Sci Fi shows that just came out; Dark Matter, Killjoys, and the latest season of Defiance, along with the awesome trailer for the new Star Wars movie I really find myself in a Sci Fi mood.  So I think some space gaming is in order!
More to come!
Oh and Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!  : )


  1. Dude, get some friends together, grab some f''ing dice, write up some stuff and get back your groove back behind the DM screen and do it! Now already!

  2. LOL, if only it were that easy Eric! : )