Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Crimson Blades RPG

Simon Washbourne has put out some great gaming products over the years, he has just released the Crimson Blades Dark Fantasy RPG, the mechanic is based on his earlier release; Woodand Warriors, this one has a not so subtle nod to Elric & Co. 
It available HERE for a great price, and should be available in print soon!


  1. Looks cool, any idea what the price of the print will be?

  2. Excellent! I have been wondering what Simon has been up to.

    I first became acquainted with his work through Tales from the Wood and later Barbarians of Lemuria.


  3. Woodland Warriors is a pretty good variant of OSR compatible rules. Crimson Blades certainly emulates Elric and seemingly does it well. It stands out as an all d6 rolls system that manages to be familiar and new at the same time.