Monday, April 22, 2013

People Call Me the Space Cowboy!

I've been fiddling around with the hopefully soon to be released Machinations of the Space Princess RPG Draft rules, the Final Playtest Draft was just released this week.  It looks like it will be a fun Space RPG, I've got a few characters and aliens stat'd up, but after reading Lord Gwydion's post over on the What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse Blog, I just had to take a minute and do up a MotSP version of everyone's favorite Space Cowboy; Maurice! : )  Tip of the hat to Lord Gwydion and Steve Miller! LOL

Maurice; aka The Space Cowboy, aka The Gangster of Love

Race: Human
Charisma: 16 +3                                                     Level: 1
Comeliness: 14 +2                         Charm: 8          Class: Expert
Constitution: 10                              Looks: 7  Social Reaction: +5
Dexterity: 13 +1                            Toughness: 5
Intelligence: 12+1                          Reflexes: 7
Strength: 9 -1                                Logic: 6
Wisdom: 11                                   Power: 5
                                                     Will: 6
Race Traits:
Adaptable: +1 Skill Point that can be spent anywhere. x3

Armor: Medium Armor (1d4)
Shield: Medium Deflector (+2)
Hit Points: 6
Psi Points: 1
Everyman Skills:
Climb: 1
Languages: 1
Search: 1
Security: 1
Sleight of Hand: 1
Sneak Attack: 1
Stealth: 1
Structure: 1
Survival: 1
Tinker: 1
Other Skills:
Riding: 1
Lover: 2
Pilot Starship: 1
Hail of bullets: 2
Perform (musician): 2

Laser Tommy Gun (d8 damage, Medium range, Autofire, Ammo Save 16)
Six-Shooter (d6)
Knife (d6)

Combat Screen:
Base Attack Bonus: 0
Close Attack Bonus: -1
Ranged Attack Bonus: +1
Close Damage Bonus: -1
Ranged Damage Bonus: 0
Close Defense: 12
Ranged Defense: 15
Initiative: 0

Other Gear:
Cowboy Hat
Pack of Smokes
First Aid kit
50 credits in other assorted gear and stuff