Friday, April 26, 2013

Iron Dwarfs

Here's a fun alien race I worked up for Machinations of the Space Princess, with some Stars Without Numbers Tags thrown in. 

Iron Dwarfs (Kragmosians)

Austere: The harsh conditions of their homeworld have instilled in them a strict sense of living with no luxuries, waste or other "frivolous" things. They consider other species pursuit of such things to be a sign of weakness.
Pride: While not necessarily overtly hostile to other races, they do favor their own kind over all others and have a near single-minded focus on the promotion and advancement of their own species.
Collectivity: Communistic outlook, the importance of the individual is thought to be minimal when weighed against the group as a whole.
Government: Oligarchic; "The Central Committee"
Technology Level: 4
Motivation: Community
     The heavy gravity world of Kragmos-3 is home to the Kragmosian race, or as humans tend to call them Iron Dwarfs. They are a squat, short (4'+ tall) race of humanoids with a metallic-like outer hide. They are a proud race, viewing other races as beneath them, but will trade with other species for goods and resources that cannot be found within their home system. While possessing space travel capabilities they tend to stick to their homeworld, maintaining only a few trade outposts outside of their home system. There is little individuality amongst them, the harshness of their homeworld entrenched in them a strong desire to work for the community as a whole rather than the individual. This same background led them to develop a very austere culture teaching them to make do with little, as well as, valuing restraint, selflessness and strength of will. It is thought for this reason that no known Iron Dwarf has ever exhibited or pursued the development of Psion abilities. Lone Iron Dwarfs found beyond their home system and outposts are most likely rogues amongst their own kind that have been exiled to human space as a form of punishment.
     While they exhibit a great deal of restraint on most occasions Iron Dwarfs do enjoy singing, while they work (it is actually a very low hum), however their singing creates a low vibrational effect that other races (humans in particular) find disturbing! Humans listening to the "singing" for more than 5 rds will suffer a terrible headache (-1 to all skill checks requiring concentration until free from exposure for 5 rds or more.)

MOTSP Traits
Humanoid: +1 Skill Point
Metal-Oxide Based- Metallic Skin: Armor Rolls at +1 (for other games this would be the equivalent of Damage Reduction: 1)
High Gravity – Very Tough +2 Con, -1 Dex
Austere- Tough: +2 to Toughness Save
-4 to Charisma: Racially Prideful, Austere and Introverted, Iron Dwarfs tend to not interact well with other races.
Iron Dwarfs have no known Psion abilities; PC Iron Dwarfs cannot choose the Psion class

Atmosphere: Breathable Mix (has a harsh unpleasant smell, but no other ill effects)
Temperature: Warm World – Rocky Desert, surface is harsh and brutal
Biosphere: Immiscible
Population: Estimated to be in the Hundreds of Thousands (99% of Iron Dwarfs dwell underground, their cities hidden from outsiders, they utilize tunnelers and borer vehicles to travel beneath the planet's rocky surface so exact numbers of their overall population are unknown).
Tech Level: 4 (with advances in gravitic weaponry & underground borer and tunneler vehicles)
World Tags: Heavy Mining (while poor in many resources, Kragmos-3 is rich in metal and mineral wealth), Desert World

Based on the cover of Gold Key's Space Family Robinson, no copyright infringement is intended.


  1. Neat species. You exptrapolated a lot of cool detail from that illustration.

  2. Very cool stuff in this entry Bill. Nice to see Space Family Robinson getting some real love in this as well. Good stuff.

  3. Thanks Trey I tried to work up something that seemed to match the picture.
    Needles I appreciate it!