Monday, March 25, 2013

Shattered Stars Space Sector WIP

With all the recent posts of folks (James Mishler, Blood Axe and Tenkar in particular) using Hexographer to create Campaign maps for their games I thought I'd give it a try. Well after several failed attempts to create a Fantasy Campaign map that I liked, and then an unsuccessful try at a Post Apocalypse map, I found  myself getting inspired to work up a Sci Fi Sector map! This is very much a Work in Progress, I may lose the Space Commies (I'm not sure they now fit my plans...). The Caliphate of Stars are sort of Zhodani (sort of and without the armor). I'll probably change the name of the Ophidian Order to something else, I'm using the Ophidians from Dreamscarred Press's Psionics Unleashed for the main race there (along with a few other reptilian types).  The Ophidians have retreated back into their section of space after the "Sleestak Wars" of ten years ago (the humans used the term as an insult for the serpent types, thanks Tetsubo!) Some of the worlds are from a few of the Marvel races I've converted to SWN (Deo was once the center of a powerful multi-system Theocracy).  Anyways let me know what you think, I've got a lot more fiddling to do with it, but wanted to share what I have so far.  Even if I don't use this, I've had alot of fun working on it.


  1. Wonderful map and we've got you covered with some serious space spellage! We've just put together a free pdf that goes along wonderfully with your blog posts my friend. Here you go! I'm not spamming you but paying back the great post you did on my blog the other day. Viva La Space!

  2. Oh, but you gotta keep the Space Commies! Or maybe you could re-skin them as the kind, gentle Federation of Stars (after all, the Federation of Star Trek was effectively communist/socialist with a bit of capitalism on the side).

    Love Star Caliphs.

    Parties on Mammon must be pretty awesome, as long as you got the money... :)

  3. I like your use of nebulae and whatever the Nega-Zone is. I'm assuming Tartarus is a dust/reflection nebula and the Fire Nebula is an emission nebula? I like the names.

  4. Needles, Thanks for the tip and the kind words, I can't wait to jump into the Space Spellbook! : )
    James, I opted to keep the Space Commies, thanks again for your inspiring maps! I moved Mammon closer to the Confederation border to give the civilized folk a tempting place to spend their creds!
    Brett, Thanks for the feedback! The Nega-Zone is based on the Marvel Comics Negative Zone, gotta give credit for the idea to my buddy Eli. Thanks again! I hope you all like the updated version!