Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cliff Mummy

Sorry for my lack of posts, I continue to be quite busy at work, but am hoping things will ease up soon.
I'm still quite impressed with the Blood and Treasure RPG.  Here's an undead monster I worked up.

Cliff Mummy
Medium Undead, Chaotic (CE), Low Intelligence; Cliff Guard (1d8)
HD 8
AC 18
ATK Slam (1d8+2 blistering heat)
MV 20
SV F 11, R 11, W 10
XP 800 (CL 9)
Special Qualities: Resistance to Fire
At the mere sight of a Cliff Mummy in motion, one must succeed on a Will save or be paralyzed with fear for 1d4 rds. The touch of a Cliff Mummy is painful; their hands give off a blistering heat that causes an additional 2 points of damage to any successful attacks they make.
Once per day, a Cliff Mummy can exhale a cloud of black smoke which acts like the Obscuring Mist spell, the Mummy can see through the smoke without difficulty.
 Witchdoctors of certain savage human tribes to the South have developed the means to create a form of undead guardian to watch over sacred sites.  Through a series of dark rituals, involving the use of a magical fire that dries out the corpse of a former witchdoctor, these foul creatures are created. Cliff Mummies are quite evil and can be unpredictable, there are some legends of Cliff Mummies that after slaying an intruder have then left their cliffside perch to enter the very villages that created them and kill every man, woman and child in their path (at GM's discretion there is a 10% chance that when "activated" they go on a killing rampage for 1d4 hours), after this rampage they return to their cliffside perch as if nothing had happened.

Pictures are from the Mummies of Papua New Guinea.


  1. I had a similar idea for a fantasy setting of mine where the borders of territory were marked by small shrines containing mummies.

  2. Cool! It's always good to find a pic that inspires a monster.