Saturday, September 30, 2023

A Challenge!

 Happy Saturday everyone!

I was surprised to see how many hits I got on my recent Nightbane post.  More than double, maybe triple my usual traffic.  Nice to see folks are still interested in good ole Palladium Books games.  

     Today's post is a different bit of nostalgia, a good buddy of mine recently gifted me a huge collection of old Challenge Magazines from back in the day. 

Wow, remember when magazines were $3!! this was late 80's era or so.  Challenge was a gaming (rpg) magazine that featured articles for Traveller, Twilight 2000, Star Wars, etc.  I only had one or two issues for it when it actually came out, back then we mostly played D&D, Gamma World (a little Classic Traveller, and then later Rifts in early 90s) and the magazines weren't easily available in my neck of the woods (really I lived in the country so my backyard was woods, it was a 30 minute drive to get milk and if it was after 800 at night forget it). Anyways, I digress, My buddy gifted me with this stack and I started going through it, just skimming the pages and wow, these magazines are loaded with ideas and content, I've been on a sci fi kick for awhile now. D&D is fun and all, but I'm jonesing to play/run some Sci Fi gaming.  I've posted some solo stuff here,and done some sci fi solo gaming that I haven't posted about yet, but I want to run some sci fi for a group.  I think these Challenge magazines are going to be a wonderful resource. The Challenge, see what I did there? is I want to take adventures and ideas from different settings and systems in the magazines (say Twilight 2000 and Traveller, maybe some Star Wars without the obvious Star Wars) and mesh them into a series of adventures.  I think that would be fun. Mix and match and be creative. Hopefully my schedule will give me some time to make this happen.  More to come on this hopefully.  Meanwhile check out the image below by Tim Bradstreet from Challenge Magazine #37 fantastic Undead Space Marines for Warhammer 40K! WOW! The article was for having Undead Space marines in your 40K tabletop miniatures skirmish games, but I can see an awesome RPG encounter, wherein maybe a Marine ship goes through some radioactive/mutagenic cloud and turns the marines into undead horrors, the marines eventually crash onto a planet or space station or some such and now the players have a squad (or more) of Undead Space Marines to deal with!! FUN! 

  I hope you all have a blessed weekend and get to spend time with friends and family, try to get some gaming in if you can!  

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