Friday, November 27, 2020

More Minis for the Collection!

 Of late I find myself getting back into miniatures, ok, to be honest I never really left. I have a good sized collection of painted fantasy minis (and a TON of unpainted). However, my Sci Fi and P.A. mini collection could use some work.  That's the rationale I'm going with anyways.  A buddy of mine recently told me about Arcane Scenery & Models out of the UK. In particular there is a line of minis by Trent Miniatures, that have some cool looking 28mm Sci Fi Desert Raiderish figures (Synguree Desert Fighters).  Even though the minis are from the U.K. shipping was FREE!  and the overall price for them was very reasonable. They arrived after just a few weeks and look great. Pictured below.  

The dice were a separate purchase from a local shop, gotta have more dice right?

I will need to get these painted up (painted example above is from their website). I can see them being used for a variety of games, Sci Fi, P.A., tabletop skirmish etc...   Looks like I will be placing another order sooner rather than later!

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