Sunday, August 2, 2020

Varanid Empire

Recently I read the "new" Turok : Blood Hunt Comic series by Chuck Wendig. This is a different setting/storyline from the regular Turok comic. Blood Hunt is set in a Post Apocalyptic setting that has a slight Rifts vibe to it. One of the main villainous factions is the Varanid Empire. The Varanid Empire is made up of a race of Fascist humanoid dinosaurs! 

 Reading the comic, I immediately thought these would be great in Troll Lord Games Amazing Adventures line.  For AA stats just use the Saurians as a basis for the Varanids give them WW II era German weapons instead of hi tech weapons. Amazing Adventures even has stats for the German era weapons used by the Varanid Empire. You can use stats for Velociraptors from the Amazing Adventures Manual of Monsters to represent the riding beasts used by the Varanids and presto you have a cool vicious Faction to unleash on your players.

The Varanid Empire could also be used in other settings from Barbarians of the Ruined Earth, to Gamma World, Mutant Crawl Classics, and more.

The Six-Pointed Star used as their symbol could strike terror in many a campaign! 

T-Rex Stats for this big fella!


  1. Oh, sweet! I might need to get a hold of the comic.

    1. Hey Narmer, thanks for the comment! It's an interesting alternate twist on Turok.