Sunday, June 3, 2018

Kicked off a new D&D Campaign!

Yesterday my gaming group kicked off a new 5E Campaign. I tend to be more of an OSR kind of DM but my group really wanted to play more 5E (one of the players has been running 5E for us, but needed a break), so as a compromise I am using the Critical Hit and Fumble charts from DCC in our new 5E Campaign (they worked great by the way, Fran got her sense of smell back...eventually)!  We played for about 4 hours and it was loads of fun! I am using a mixture of my own content, some goodies from my OSR friends (Christian Walker and soon Matt "they are so screwed" Jackson!), and even an old 3.0 Module!

   The players are an interesting cast:

Franaghal "Fran"  - Human Female Fighter, Soldier Background
Madrigal Nailo - Moon Elf Female Bard, Noble Background
Tikkik - Kenku Female Rogue, Charlatan Background
Ruith McWrathe - Human Male Druid, Soldier Background (Fran's brother)

yeah my group is mostly female gamers! Tikkik is played by my wife. : ) 

The party were from the Eastern Territory, all hailing from different parts of the Westfall Kingdoms (more commonly just called Westfall). Seeking work/opportunities/adventure in Deeptown. Deeptown is a large town/small city nestled in a deep mountain valley (called The Deeps). An ancient trade road winds its way through the mountains with Deeptown right at the mid-way point of the road. Several kingdoms, countries and regions surround this mountain range, so thanks to the old trade road, Deeptown is a hotbed of activity (some of it even legal). Bandits regularly prey on the trade caravans passing through, and many factions, groups and organizations conduct business in Deeptown, so there is plenty of work and mischief for those interested. 

It was great to be behind the DM Screen again. I do use a DM screen, mostly to hide my minis (I tend to run miniature heavy games) and maps, books, etc but I do most of my rolls out in the open. 

I'll try to post some updates as the Campaign progresses. 

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