Monday, December 11, 2017

Rafael Argus an NPC for FrontierSpace

I recently picked up the Referee's Handbook for FrontierSpace
The Referee's Manual has some helpful tables and info for generating adventures, NPC's and encounters. So I thought I would stat up a Major NPC following the rules from the Ref's Handbook.
I present to you Rafael Argus- Notorious Bounty Hunter

Rafael Argus
Species: Human  
Origin: Bounty Hunter  +5 to BP score, +1 to Init score, Disadvantage on diplomacy checks when dealing with "High-Society" types, Price on his head $4,000 credits
Rank 3
Language: Terran, Galactic Common
Movement:  8
Initiative: 4
BP: 46
STR 55
AGL 50
CRD 70 +3 damage bonus on ranged attacks
PER 65
INT 50
WIL 45
Thief:  Disguise +5
Explorer: Tracking +5
Marksman: Blast Pistol +10
Warrior: Unarmed Combat +0
Weapons & Equipment
Blast Pistol (2D B)  w/ EU pack (20 EU)
Security Ballistic Suit (protects 25 BP)
Sonic Knife (2D S) w/ EU Pack (20 EU)
Smoke Grenades (x3)
Disguise Kit
Rugged Attire
190 Credits (on hand)

Rafael Argus is a rogue, a thief and a bounty hunter. He has a disregard for authority and those in power. He also has a paranoid streak, he regularly changes his appearance in order to throw off the authorities and to keep his bounties unsuspecting of his true identity until it is too late. When things turn against him in a fight he will attempt to use his smoke grenades to escape.

Based on a character from the Buck Rogers T.V. Series. Episode 106 The Plot to Kill a City 1976