Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Online Labyrinth Lord in the Wasteland of Gath

  The journey begins....
I got to play in my first ever online game earlier tonite. Christian of the Destination Unknown blog encouraged me to play a quick session in his Wasteland of Gath game. I had a fantastic time. I've been corresponding with Christian for awhile now, and it was wonderful to have a "face to face" talk/game session with him. I had worried about the tech issues and my limited abilities with technology but we had no issues during the game.
 Gathering and burning the bones of the unquiet dead for a funerary rite to THE Metal Gods
Proper graves and burial rites for the two souls at peace.
Thanks again Christian!!


  1. Great minis, Bill! I had a great time playing. Thanks so much for joining me in a trek across the wasteland!

  2. So did Christian/DM have the grid and minis and moved everyone around based on player description of actions or were you mapping along at home and using minis to keep track of things? I have played a lot of online games but we never used minis, and honestly got into some confusion because of the lack thereof

  3. Hey Carl! Sorry I just now saw your question. We both had the grid map and moved our respective minis around in order to keep track of things. It went very well. We only played the one encounter but it was a fantastic 30+ minutes of old school play. Thanks for the question.