Friday, April 14, 2017

Game Store Bargain Treasures!

Went by the old Hobby Shop in town (one of the last ones these days). I haven't been there in awhile, and lo and behold found some cool stuff in the used RPG section.

The Night Below box is dinged up pretty badly, but all of the internal contents are there and are in excellent condition. I got all of this for under $15 bucks!
I had Night Below many years ago, but sold it off before I ever ran it.
Looking at this pile of coolness, I do believe I need to try to work all of these items together somehow into a cool campaign!  Night Below is a great Underdark Campaign, but using the Role Aids books to supplement it could make for an even more awesome setting.  Now to just decide what mechanic to use?  I'm leaning towards 5E, but Castles and Crusades has been calling out to me, and ACKS is a great system as well.  Decisions...decisions!
More to come!


  1. Dragons and Undead are both pretty darned good for the era and style. Night Below is okay. Never read Elves that I recall. Night below is probably okay with 5e, not sure if a few of the extreme encounters in the adventure in Undead would work for a party under 20th level in 5e.

    1. Hello JDJarvis,
      Thanks for the comments, I'm still reading through them. Will keep you posted!