Saturday, May 28, 2016


Thanks again to everyone who responded to my call for info regarding the ACKS RPG, tons of great information and feedback, The OSR is such a great community!
As I work to decide which game I want to run during my summer break from school I wanted to mention a new OSR product that actually arrived in the mail today.
Beasties,  a fun new monster book designed by the same author who put out the awesome Warriors of the Red Planet RPG. Beasties has :
"27 Monsters 6 NPC's 37 Drawings! 5 Maps 1 "Megadungeon" sample"

To add to the above info it is directly compatible with most any OSR-flavor you may be running. The author even includes some conversion notes here and there to make it easier for you to use with different OSR games. So as I go through my games, read reviews etc. I know that whatever OSR system I decide on for my summer game, I will be able to easily use the monsters from this book. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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