Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blood & Treasure Monster Tome!

I've posted about how cool the Blood & Treasure RPG is in the past, and now it is even cooler!
You can now get the Monster Tome for this OSR RPG, it will also work with most any OSR based game, with some minor tweaking.
John has knocked it out of the ballpark with this one, some great art and some really interesting monsters! Many are new and innovative, and some are based upon popular characters and concepts of today (Atomic Juggernaut I'm looking at you!).  To me this is what the OSR is all about!  John was kind enough to send me the pdf for free while I wait for my hardcover to arrive.  If you are running a B&T campaign you must get this book!  If you need more monsters for your games you need to get this book!  I mean who doesn't need another monster book on your gaming shelf?  : )


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