Saturday, April 19, 2014

Monster Muscle Men Minis

She Who Must be obeyed decided we needed to go to some Estate Sales today.  I of course was overjoyed to accompany her on such an important Quest.  While wandering down old dusty halls, and successfully making my Save Vs. Mothballs, I made my Spot check and noticed a small bag of colored plastic treasure.  Snatching them up I asked the creepy lady working  the house how much?  When she said .50 cents for the lot, I couldn't pay her fast enough!
The Horde!
             Looks like Righteous Rude, Cleric of Kord is ready to rumble!
                                  Umm, this may take awhile!


  1. Sweet haul. The recycle shops as they call them out are here are brimming with cheap minis from old kaiju shows, so I know the feeling.

  2. Nice haul! I still have all my old M.U.S.C.L.E. figs from when I was a kid (minus the handful that got stolen from my jr. high locker...)

  3. (via Tiny Solitary Soldiers)

    Wow, that's a trip down memory lane... I remember these from my childhood, didn't they come in blind packs or something? They're wonderfully weird at any rate! Kind of like "Fantasy Luchadors"...

  4. Those are cool.
    I just discovered these:
    They have a similar vibe.