Saturday, August 10, 2013

Crugs an Alien Race for Machinations of the Space Princess

      Crugs are crocodilian humanoid aliens native to the swampworld Nastus Prime. They are rather dimwitted but make decent minions (i.e. thugs) for the more savage overlords and crime bosses throughout the galaxy; savage because Crugs have been known to eat their victims... They average 6-7' tall and are covered in tough brown scales. They have large crocodilian jaws that they often augment with a cybernetic lower jaw. There are no known Crug Psions.

 Crugs have the Adaptable trait once, giving them one bonus Skill Point (this point is often spent on learning to pilot their various swamp craft).
 Natural Weapons- Carnivore Jaws d4 damage (those that have Cyber Lower Jaws (the vast majority found offworld) lose their swimming faster ability but do d6 damage with their jaws)
Scales- +1 bonus to armour rolls
Swimming- swim 50% faster than normal
Infrared Vision- Can sense heat and see in the dark 15 meters
-4 to charisma
-8 to wisdom

Typical Crug Thug (Goon)

Close Defense: 12
Ranged Defense: 12
Armour: 1+1
Hit Dice: 2 (9 hit points)
Initiative: +1
Movement: 10m per round
Attacks: 1/+1
Damage: 1d4 fists, 1d6 jaws, Crude Pistol 1d6 damage (inaccurate -1 to ranged attacks)
Saves: 5
Traits: Adaptable, Scales, Infrared Vision, Carnivore Cyber Jaws,
Skills: Sail: 1, Wrestle: 1

     Crug's prefer to operate in and around swampy areas, when found in such environments they almost always have their Swamp Jets with them. They love to zip about the waterline raising hell and using hit and run tactics to raid any communities in the area. 
Crug Swamp Jet
Aquatic Personal Transport
Crew: 1
Attack: +3
Scale: 1
Hit Points: 13
Armour: 0
Defence: 11
Speed: Fast
Weapons: None
Toughness Save: 5
Reflexes Save: 8
Power Save: 5


  1. So very, very awesome.

    And I can't believe you beat me to statting up the Legos. I am shame-ed!

  2. Hey Justin!
    Glad you approve, well I didn't stat them for Mutant Future so you can still do that! ; )