Sunday, December 30, 2012

8-Ball Augury

Here's a little spell I thought of while working on another project, you can use it for Blood & Treasure or OSR system of your choice.
8-Ball Augury

Level: Cleric 1
Range: Personal
Duration: Instantaneous
Material Component: Incense worth 15 gp
     The 8-Ball Augury is a lesser version of the Augury Spell. Upon casting this spell a d20 is rolled and the below table is consulted. The answer/words will appear within the smoke from the incense.

1. It is certain
2. It is decidedly so
3. Without a doubt
4. Yes – definitely
5. You may rely on it
6. As I see it, yes
7. Most likely
8. Outlook good
9. Yes
10. Signs point to yes
11. Reply hazy, try again
12. Ask again later
13. Better not tell you now
14. Cannot predict now
15. Concentrate and ask again
16. Don't count on it
17. My reply is no
18. My sources say no
19. Outlook not so good
20. Very doubtful

I saw some folks talking about bringing Magic 8-Balls to their games over on the DCC forums and thought this would make for a fun low level spell.  I got the above list off of Wikipedia.

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