Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ghost Twins : Villains for Stars Without Number

Ghost Twins
(same stats except where noted)
Str: 13                       Class: Warrior      Background: Armsman
Int: 11                       Level: 4         Training Package: Assassin
Dex: 18 +2                                   Hit Points: 21
Wis: 10                                        AC: 5
Con: 12
Cha: 11
Physical Effect: 10
Mental Effect: 13
Evasion: 12 +2 due to Danger Sense
Tech: 14
Luck: 11

Combat/Primitive:: Ghost Twin #1 has Skill: 2, Ghost Twin #2 has Skill: 0
Combat/Unarmed: 1
Culture/Terra*: 0  *(Terra can be swapped to a different world if GM desires)
Athletics: 0
Combat/Projectile Weapons: Ghost Twin #2 has Skill: 2
Culture/Criminal: 0
Security: 0
Stealth: 0
Tactics: 1
Vehicle/Land: Ghost Twin #2 Skill: 0

Stigmata: Ghostly Pale white skin, stark white hair, pale eyes
Natural Daylight weakens them causing a -2 to Str Modifier, wearing shades reduces this
to -1 penalty.
Metadimensional Weapons (Shear Rifles, exotic TL5 Energy weapons etc.) are more harmful to them, roll damage dice and twice take higher result
Danger Sense: Can't be surprised, +2 on all Evasion Saves
Resilient Body
Weapons & Gear
White Suit and Tie, Sunglasses, Armored Undersuit (AC:7),
Ghost Twin #1 - Monoblade –Razor 1d8+1
Ghost Twin #2 - Submachine Gun 1d8 (+ Burst Fire) w/ laser dot pointer +2 hit at close range.
     I have to admit not being a big fan of Matrix Reloaded, for reasons that I won't get into here. One thing I did like, well two technically, were the Ghost Twins, sadly they weren't used to their full potential IMHO. So for an experiment I thought I'd stat them up for Stars Without Number/Other Dust. I pulled the Mutations from Other Dust and went with Stars Without Number for class and skills. I know in the movie they really didn't seem weakened by sunlight but I thought it fit in with the "Ghost" concept. I can't wait to have these two show up as the BBEG's Elite Assassin/Henchman in my next SWN Campaign.

Ghost Twins are from the Movie Matrix Reloaded and are copyrighted by Warner Bros. No copyright infringement is intended.

update- I almost forgot to give a shout out to my fellow SWN blogger; Rather Gamey for giving me the idea of stat'ing these two up for SWN.  : )

update #2- I tweaked their skill points a bit, gave Ghost Twin two a vehicle skill. : )


  1. Awesome. Consider them stolen, and please be prepared to deal with the players in my campaign who will surely throw things at you when they are all slaughtered. :)

    (not a huge Reloaded fan either - I prefer The Animetrix actually . . . )

    - Ark

  2. Hey Arkhein,
    Glad you like them! I'll try to see if I can work up some friends and allies for your players as well. These guys are tough especially when max'd out on Strain. It will cost them a point of Strain whenever they phase. So in an extended combat they can be taken out but for the quick, dirty and sneaky ambushes these guys are pretty rough! : )

    1. I haven't grabbed Otehr Dust yet, but the concept of people phasing in the same way that the ships in SWN do has sold me. I've experimented with some otherworldy psychic beings from another phase messing with the party, but that shifting ability is way cool. Well, for me - not the players. :) Thanks!

      - Ark

  3. Hey Ark,
    While I'll be the first to say Other Dust is a great supplement to SWN, the Phasing Mutation isn't as detailed as you are thinking. It's not like the starship phasing, more of a movement ability that allows the character to walk through walls and such. But your idea is quite inspired. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Oh gee, I was imagining people running around phasing in and out of planes of reality. Well . . . I'll have to make it happen anyway. After all, I've had displacer beasts on my mind ALL DAY. :)

    - Ark

  5. Actually,
    If they have enough strain they can phase in and out, it costs them 1 point of strain each round they remain phased, and while phased they cannot be hit.