Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Helga of the Pink Pantaloons!!

In a recent C&C Campaign one of the players played a dwarf warrior in search of a wife, good ole Don painted up this dwarven lass to help his fellow player out.

In other news, I got to try out Hackmaster Basic over the weekend. I worked up an interesting elf thief, there's a lot of customability with the rules. The term "basic" doesn't mean what you might think. My main beef is they didn't include an index, but the good old guys at Kenzer have since posted an index on their web-site. Which I thought was pretty cool. I'm not sure if we are going to be running HM Basic anytime soon, we are just really getting going good on our 4E Campaign, we have a great Mutants & Masterminds Campaign to resume and I've been tempted by what I've been hearing about Mongoose's Traveller rules. Aahh so many games! So little time!

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