Saturday, June 4, 2016

Happy Simian Saturday; Labyrinth Lord, Fungus Forest and more!

Well I want to wish everyone a happy Simian Saturday...
The good news is that I got to play Labyrinth Lord last night- Woo Hoo!
The bad news is my 4th level magic user DIED!  In TOWN!! NOOOO!!!
We had a blast, but lets just say my wizard made some risky (poor) decisions that came back to bite him, well pummel him in this case.  Making shadowy deals with mysterious wizard guilds, and secretly screwing over (i.e. exposing to a curse) an entire town for my own personal gain are definitely decisions not to be made lightly!  RIP - Jafnorr Wintergrim you will be missed.
I had fun, and even though my character died, for 4 short hours all the stress and problems of work, school and life drifted away, No deadlines, no frustrating managers, no real life issues; I was sitting with friends, laughing and fighting monsters and having a ball, for me that's what it is all about.
Anyways I've got a full day of stuff to do, wrapping up another course in Graduate School, Final Projects this week, ugh! So this post will be kind of a mish mash in order to get everything in, before I have to run errands with She Who Must Be Obeyed (I'm joking, my wife is great and probably the most supportive and easy going woman on Earth).
First it is Simian Saturday so I would be remiss in not wishing everyone a wonderful Simian Saturday. The Apes Victorious Google Group has 50 members, WOO HOO! I think this is fantastic especially considering the game has not been released yet.  Hopefully we will here more news on a release date for this OSR game soon. I'm still hoping for a late summer release, but haven't heard any updates on this in a bit, I know it is being worked on as I type this, and the snippets I know about sound like loads of fun.

Shifting to another OSR topic.  Back when I first started this blog, several years ago, I was playing a ton of Mutant Future, and I had the pleasure of reading and interacting with Carl Nash the author of the Mutagenic Substances Blog. He recently released a PWYW OSR product titled: The Fungus Forest!  I spent a bit of time reading through this product this morning and I really like what I see.

It features a vast underground cavern system filled with all kinds of fungi. I can see either placing this right into your Fantasy OSR game of choice, or even swiping a select few of the different cavern regions for unique encounters in your settings version of the Underdark. I love using Factions in my games and this product features several interesting factions, some of which are quite unusual.  I think Carl and Lee have done an excellent job and you can't beat the price. I believe a print version is due out soon, if you are running any kind of underground/underdark adventures I think this product would be an excellent resource for you.
             I give this one a definite Simian Saturday Thumbs up! 


  1. Thanks for the shout out Bill - glad you enjoyed the Fungus Forest! Have to tell you, Jafnorr Wintergrim sounds like a PC after my own heart, may he rest in pieces. Gotta love shenanigans in town - so much more than just a rest stop between adventures.

  2. Hey Carl, thanks for dropping by! : )