Sunday, April 26, 2020

Adventurer's Arsenal for OSE

Unfortunately my Old School Essentials face-to-face campaign has been on hiatus due to the pandemic. We were really enjoying OSE, before our forced hiatus occurred. One minor quibble we found, was the desire for more diversity with weapons. Most of us being around the hobby for awhile, we liked the idea of more weapon options.  So about a month ago I saw that Castle Oldskull had put out a supplement packed with a ton of weapons stat'd up for OSE.  I ordered this a  month ago from Amazon, but due to their need to do priority shipping of essential items (toilet paper, medical supplies etc.), it took a month for this to get to me. I just got it yesterday and I'm still reading through it, but I am glad I picked it up. This will fill that need for my OSE campaign when we do get back to it. One quibble I have with the book, is the layout is a bit "meh" majority of weapon descriptions are split over two pages, causing some flip back and forth, but that is by no means a deal breaker. The book has a handy index, so if you need to look up a weapon, you can find it in the index and then flip right to the appropriate page.  Good stuff!  So if you need barbed arrows, harpoons, tridents and more for your OSE games, you may want to look into this one!  Hope everyone is safe and healthy! We are getting through this mess! 

Update- for the print version of this on Amazon
PDF here 


  1. How dost one write a post of interest and yet fail to provide linkage so that I may procure a copy of said product??

    1. Sorry about that, fixed above! PDF is currently a steal at $2.50

    2. Awesome, I'll have to pick it up! Thanks!

    3. Cool! I'm really digging OSE!