Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blogger Woes...

Like many others I have disabled the awful new word verification system that Blogger for some insane reason has recently implemented. What are these boneheads doing??

And while I'm complaining about Blogger, does anyone know how to stop following blogs?  Apparently the "Manage" option doesn't work, at least not for me, I get an error message that Blogger's "help" forum can't (won't) recognize, and now I'm getting spammed by a couple of "dead" blogs that I used to follow but now can't UNfollow.  AARGH!



  1. I was having the same problem with the manage page and was getting spammed as well. I couldn't figure out how to stop it but it eventually went away on its own after several hours.

  2. Just go to the blog in question and click "Follow." It will then say that you already follow the blog and ask if you want to stop following it.

  3. I've had to trim a lot of dead blogs recently, but as of yesterday I was able to go to manage, hit settings and from there stop following. I remember one thing that gave me a lot of trouble with blogger was when I signed in it gave me the option of staying signed in. When I hit that it caused a number of problems with the system.

    You might want to try signing out and signing in again, but don't click the stay signed in button.

    Don't know if that will help. It is probably the equivalant of giving blogger a good thump with a stick and hoping it fixes the problem.

  4. Can you stop following them by going to the blog, and clicking the follow word on the too left of the blog. That should give you a pop up that reads you are already following this blog, and I think give you the option to stop following.

    I do not think this can be done with dead blogs.

    1. I've attempted to follow The Happy Whisk a billion time and blogger just will not add it to my blog roll. We've all had our blogger whoas.

  5. Thanks everyone. Going to the blog and "Unfollowing" helped with some, but with already deleted blogs that have been possessed by evil spam spirits are still an issue. Hopefully blogger will fix their Manage tool soon....

  6. Glad we helped some.

    I have to go on my blog roll and clean it out. And then get it organized.

    I have some blogs that are on my blogroll but not in my dashboard and some in my dash that aren't on my roll.

    Gotta fix that, I do.

    Have a groovy weekend :-)

  7. Feeling everyone's pain, as i'm inflicted by the same malady, which resulted in my entire international bloggers list blowing up. Sigh.

  8. Yeah, blogger is buggy. Whenever I try to access D&D with Pornstars or LotFP on my dashboard, the mature content disclaimer pops up and then becomes all white. I have to go to the main page to see the post. The dashboard also posts posts that was saved or aborted, so I get alot of false posts that leads to nowhere.

    Of all the time I had blogger, I never unfollowed - even for deleted blogs - as sometimes they will start-up their old blog.

  9. I posted today about how to leave and join blogs through the Followers Gadget. That might help those who can't get their manage blogs, to work.