Friday, January 23, 2015


                  Thank God it is Fifth Edition Foes Friday!
It has been a rough week here in the Southern Radzone, but two cool things on the gaming front happened this week, one I got to DM my very first session of 5E!! With a brand new gaming group! (more to come on that) AND being a backer of the Frog God Games Fifth Edition Foes Kickstarter I was able to download the PDF for this product!  Woo Hoo!  More monsters for 5E, this one is full of beasts from the old Fiend Folio (my favorite monster book evar!) and several from other sources (AD&D MM II), and a few new ones!  Since WotC has a much slower turn out of product for 5E, this is a nice resource to have!  I kinda wish I had backed some of their other 5E goodies! 
More to come on my first 5E game!

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