Monday, August 29, 2011

Holy Diver!

Just because it's been a hectic week already felt like a little Dio was in order!

Perfect inspiration for your Fantasy RPGing!


  1. *holds back clicky-finger*

    Must... resist clicking! ...dont need... brainworm!

  2. YES!

    Although the part about knowing what he means and the whole "stripes but he's clean part".

    Yeah, I don't know what he means.

  3. Non-topic, but I thought I'd leave a note that thanks to your posts on, and their enthusiasm for, The Mutant Epoch I recently ordered the core book, Mall of Doom and the inaugural magazine via Lulu. They came in mere days & look great! I can hardly wait to dig into them.

    Anyways, thanks :)

  4. Malcadon, Nice one!
    Mik, I agree!
    rainswept happy to have been of service to you!