Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cornelius, Ookla, Kamandi We Ride!!!

P.A. Crossover of Epic Proportions!
Found this today, How cool is this!! Thundarr! Kamandi! Planet of the Apes!  WOW!!

The artist is synthezoide, you can check out his gallery here.  I'm gonna have to print this out and put it on my GM Screen!


  1. Thanks for pointing out this picture! I so +fav-ed it!

  2. Add Mad Max, Galaxina, and a cryo-frozen Snake Plissken, and you'd have a perfect League Of Post-Apocalyptic Gentlemen.

    They could tool around in the Ark II RV, fighting renegade Westworld robots, left-over death-racers from Death Race 2000, I Am Legend vampires, and ED-209 robots.

  3. Happy to be of service! I thought this was just too cool not to share!
    Oh and Justin you described an awesome Campaign where do I sign up! : )

  4. This is great! You just gave me my new wallpaper for the ol' computer. Well played, sir!

  5. OOOh, I just had a post-apocalyptic nerdgasm.

  6. All the best stuff rolled into one :)