Monday, September 14, 2009

Pathfinder Sunday! Intro to Session 1 ; "The Spider Farm"

 We had our first official session of our Pathfinder game yesterday.  It was a blast!!

Everyone seemed to quickly get into mode, we got in a good four hours of game time (not counting finishing up characters and chatting about the rules before play started.
The party consists of :
Howston Levee : Human Paladin (Sword of the Raven Queen)
Tiberious Daven : Half-elf Rogue (Gypsy blooded, Cursed at love )
Alkanash Higgle : Gnome Cleric (bearer of the Blessed Left Hand, Conveyor of the Golden Egg)
Zebulon : Elf Cleric (The Enigmatic One)
Narlyotep : Human Sorcerer w/ aberrant bloodline (The Pale Prophet)
Another player who couldn't attend will be playing Rouge Le Humane:  Human sorcerer w/ Elemental (Fire) Bloodline (Keeper of the Fire Ferret).  As you can tell by some of the unusual titles we had fun with Central Castings (the book is written up/described elsewhere in my blog).
Everyone seemed to have a good time.  I'm feeling really good about making the decision to drop 4E and switch over to Pathfinder.  The rules seem to more readily fit our groups style of play. 
If I get time I'll try to post some more about the session later.

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