Friday, August 28, 2009

Lookin' at Savage Worlds

I didn't get to attend the last 4E game, had some family type stuff to do. I hear it went ok, although half the group didn't make it. We are looking at shuffling the group a bit, trying to find some new members that can meet somewhat more regularly. Also looking at changing locale and game day/time. Playing at the FLGS keeps my furniture intact (last group that gamed at my house accidentally broke a chair and a window, no alcohol was involved), but some of the "locals" at the FLGS can be a tad bothersome. We shall see, I miss the marathon game sessions of my youth, but being an old coot, means I just can't stay up all night gaming like I used too. The guys are interested in possibly trying out the Pathfinder RPG, but we are also discussing other options. I've been eyeballing Savage Worlds (Explorer's Edition), and with our game time being so limited and it being hard for everyone to make it regularly, Savage Worlds might work better in the interim, at least until we can get the group "reworked". It does seem to live up to its buzz words; Fast, Furious, Fun!
Speaking of Savage Worlds I found a pretty cool webcomic for one guys gaming group it's based on a Savage Worlds Steampunk/Fantasy Campaign. I've never tried Steampunk but the comic is pretty cool.

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